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Showtime at your Library – Coming Summer 2019!

Steve is hosting a live show with magic, music & more! Steve Somers - Showtime - Reading Rocks

Designed to go along with iREAD summer reading theme for 2019, Showtime is a fun way to celebrate reading.  The reviews are in, kids of all ages agree: “Showtime is a hit!” Just imagine a fast paced, high energy production including amazing tricks, puppets, music and tons of audience participation. And this is just the beginning.

When you invite Steve to present this incredible show at your library, your readers will be talking about it for weeks, not to mention all the books they will want to read.  Steve highlights a fun assortment of contemporary and classic books during the show.  So come on . . .take a cue, it’s curtain time for your library!

“Steve Somers always presents an entertaining program guaranteed to reach even the youngest audience. Our students are still chanting “Read to Achieve” as their motto.”
Susan Moorefield, Thomasville Primary, Thomasville, NC
“Steve gives great assemblies that promote reading using magic tricks. I was impressed with his knowledge of our SOLs, his management of the students, and his reasonable price.”
Susan Pollard, Ottobine Elementary
“The students and staff loved Steve’s edutainment so much they want him back next year for a different program.”
Sue Clifton, Southeastern Elementary - Chesapeake, VA

Celebrate - Reading RocksThroughout the 45-50 minute presentation Steve recognizes ordinary people who accomplished extra-ordinary things. Together, students and teachers, will celebrate achievement and perseverance.

Tucker Turtle joins the show as he shares his experience in the classic story: “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Listen and laugh as Tucker weaves his twisted version of this well known tale. Plus, hold your side, while Tucker comes out of his “shell” with his own unique brand of humor. There is nothing slow about this turtle.  Watch out, he may steal the show!

Every production of Showtime includes:

  • professional theatrical lighting and backdrop system (where space & time permit)
  • a professional PA system with 27 different music trax to enhance the show
  • a fairy tale acted out on stage using volunteers from the audience
  • a live presentation of the amazing table cloth stunt
  • the magical appearance of a live rabbit name “Hopper”
  • a table floating in midair with the help of a volunteer
  • a red carpet photo op session for attendees (where space & time permit)
  • a promise to motivate kids to read books while increasing the circulation of library books
  • a free bookmark for everyone attending
  • and much more!

Celebrate - Reading Rocks

Incorporates Great Books!

Showtime creatively combines education and entertainment resulting in magical edutainment! The plot of the show is a party to celebrate reading, learning and achievement.  Students discover how to “Read to Succeed!”  Steve makes reference to many classics as well as a few award winning books.

Celebrate - Reading Rocks

An Amazing Finale

The theme of the Showtime is built on the premise that reading leads to success.  No matter who you are, when you believe in yourself and read to succeed. . .anything is possible.  The show concludes when a volunteer from the audience becomes the star.  They actually help make a table float in the air.  A great  photo op!

Celebrate - Reading Rocks

Amazing Tablecloth Stunt

Have you ever wanted to really pull a tablecloth out from under some dishes without disturbing a plate or breaking a dish?  Well  that’s what Steve does during the Showtime.  And as if that is not enough, he shares the secret to this stunt in his book:  Let’s Party! Amazing Tricks and Stunts.   Don’t miss it!

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This is the perfect show to make reading come alive this summer.

Steve is in the Green Room, so schedule Showtime now!
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Watch the Highlights Reel!

Take a backstage look at video clips from the early development of  Showtime.  It’s combination of drama, music, magic, and audience interaction make it our most popular show.