Project Description

Discover the Impossible: Read!

Imagine your school or library jam-packed with children of all ages. The kids are quietly captivated by stories, magic tricks, puppets, music and more!  Witness the excitement as everyone receives a FREE “Amazing Teacher” bookmark. Finally, watch in amazement as books disappear off the shelves like magic.

Help your students discover the magic of reading as they blast off with the Reach for the Stars reading show. This is a fun way to celebrate reading and a universe of stories! This show highlights the power of imagination, benefits of space exploration, the historic space race, and the importance of a positive “can do” attitude! Just imagine a fast paced, high energy production including amazing tricks, a silly puppet, music, stories and tons of audience participation. And this is just the beginning.

Reach for the Stars is a hilarious hair-raising adventure that combines magic, music, puppets, and storytelling in a unique and unforgettable way that will keep every child fully engaged from start to finish.

Together, with his crazy sidekick Tucker Turtle, they embark on an amazing escapade using books and stories that lead to tons of learning and fun in the library.

“Mr. Somers performed two captivating shows for our students and parents. His shows stress the importance of reading while entertaining the students with magic. We can not wait to have Mr. Somers back!”

Emily Murray, Herman L Horn Elementary, Vinton, VA

“Steve is a returning favorite to our Community Reading Festival each year. He is engaging and entertaining for children and parents. He is the kind of entertainment needed for the over 1200 participants we have each year! His show is always a positive feedback comment we have on our evaluation cards. He is truly AMAZING!”

Valerie Pyrtle, Parent Resource Center - Reidsvlle, NC

“Steve gave a wonderful performance!! The students and staff enjoyed it immensely. The children have been checking out magic books ever since. A veteran teacher who will be retiring this year told me that in all of her years of teaching this was the best assembly she had ever been too! Another teacher commented what a wonderful job Steve did dismissing the children…they were so quiet and calm!  It was a fantastic show!”

Ellen Harmon, Hurt Park Elementary School - Roanoke, VA

Every Reach for the Stars show includes:

  • professional theatrical lighting and backdrop system (where space & time permit)
  • a professional PA system with 18 different music trax to enhance the show
  • a riveting space race using a volunteer from the audience
  • the magical appearance of a live rabbit name “Hopper”
  • a hilarious demonstration of “Space Water” (anti-gravity water)
  • the opportunity to witness a real object that overcomes gravity and floats in midair
  • six volunteers from the audience that help make the magic happen
  • a promise to motivate kids to read books while increasing the circulation of library books
  • a free bookmark for everyone attending
  • and much more!


Incorporates Great Books

Reach for the Stars creatively combines learning and fun resulting in magical edutainment!  It starts with a look at Hopper’s new favorite book:  The Magician’s Hat.  Along the way, students learn about people who lived their dreams and how books can be a stepping stone for discovering and living any dream!

Space Water (is it real?)

The theme of the Reach for the Stars show is built on the idea that reading books can help make your dreams come true. The show includes many volunteers, but one of them actually get to conduct and experiment with Space Water!  This is definitely a great Photo op!


In the News

Often local newspapers and media outlets will attend an Amazing Teacher event, reporting some unusual claims.  Check out this article entitled Laughter – it’s His Superpower! from the Rockingham County Public Library Summer Reading Program Finale.  Steve travels to hundreds of  libraries and schools each year.

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Watch the Highlights Reel!

Are you wondering just what makes the Reach for the Stars reading show so special.  Take a sneak peek at this video montage.  Based on audience response, this program is a definite favorite in the Amazing Teacher collection!