Amazing Reading Assembly Programs

Amazing Teacher offers a variety reading assembly programs that are perfect for reading incentives, celebrations, family engagement, book fairs, and much more.  All the reading assembly programs are designed to motivate, inspire and encourage readers of all ages.

A Variety of Themes for each Reading Assembly

Our reading assembly programs include a number of student friendly themes:

  • Impossible Missions (Secret Agents)
  • Wild West (Cowboys)
  • The High Seas (Sailors)
  • A Backyard Safari (Animals)
  • The Wacky World of Seuss!
  • Space the Final Frontier (Astronauts)
  • and much more!

Arctic Express

KIDS CELEBRATE WINTER HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD! “All Aboard!”  Conductor Steve invites students on a magical train ride called the Arctic Express.  Passengers will visit and learn about winter holidays around the world. Most noteworthy holidays include: Hanukkah in Israel Kawanzaa in America Diwali in India Lunar New Year [...]


Build It!

Discover the Magic of Books! This interactive (lots of volunteers) presentation allows students to learn some fun ways to build a better world. Young readers will discover how to be good listeners, set goals, work with others, and much more! Steve comes dressed as a construction worker, but the children from the [...]



Celebrate Reading with Magic and Music because Reading Rocks! Steve is having a party and YOU are invited to celebrate!  Looking for a fun way to celebrate reading at your school or library? Do you need an exciting kick-off event to promote learning and [...]


Jingle Bell Magic

A Winter Holiday Celebration! Steve originally developed the Jingle Bell Magic program in 1985 and performed it hundreds of times while he earned his Master's degree. Now the show is back and it is better than ever. Based upon some of Steve's best ideas, Jingle Bell Magic is packed [...]


Once Upon a Time

The Once Upon a Time Magic Show - AVAILABLE Summer 2020 Fairy tales, fables and fantastic stories . . .Oh my!  Stories are powerful tools to influence, teach and inspire.  Storytelling forges connections between people and ideas.  Stories convey culture, history and values that [...]


Reach for the Stars

Discover the Impossible: Read! Imagine your school or library jam-packed with children of all ages. The kids are quietly captivated by stories, magic tricks, puppets, music and more!  Witness the excitement as everyone receives a FREE “Amazing Teacher” bookmark. Finally, watch in amazement as [...]


Saddle Up ‘N’ Read

A Wild Reading Adventure! Pack your bags, saddle up and get ready for an amazing adventure you'll never forget.  Come ride with Cowboy Steve and his friends as they take your students on a new reading and tumbleweed adventure.  During the program students will discover a passport to reading, visiting places like China, [...]


Salute to Seuss

A Magical Celebration of Dr. Seuss and his Books! Don't miss the wacky, wonderful, world of Seuss in this Amazing Reading Show!  Looking for a fun way to celebrate learning and achievement at your school or library? Do you need an exciting kick-off event to [...]


Set Sail

THE SEARCH FOR GOOD CHARACTER TRAITS! Ahoy mates! Raise your sails for a high-seas adventure. Join Captain Steve and his friends as they take your students on an amazing voyage in search of treasure!  That's right, the treasure of good character traits. Students will discover the importance of making [...]


Stand Tall!

Celebrating the Hero in Us All! Don't miss the wacky, wonderful, world of heroes and reading! Not Every Hero Wears a Cape! Heroes!  They are the stuff of great stories, legends and books. They are also part of everyday life.  Not every hero wears a cape.   Stand Tall is an [...]


Top Secret

A Reading Adventure that Takes You Around the World! Psst! Want a great way to hook kids into reading while teaching important concepts about geography and library resources?  If so, TOP SECRET is for you.  Join Secret Agent Steve as he takes young readers on an amazing mission solving [...]